It’s time to rise!  I love pictures of the sun.  It doesn’t matter the location… it could be over a field as in the image above, over the ocean, outside of my window at home, or in front of my car as I’m driving.  The sun is my reminder of how vast God’s creation truly is and also inspires me to be a light to others.

The sun image above was taken about 2 years ago over a cotton field in Georgia as I was traveling back to my home from a family Florida trip.  I was in the passenger seat reaching over my brother as he was driving and I snapped this image as he was driving about 70 mph.  I am somehow drawn to this sun image more than any other…

Hello! I am Melea Schneider and welcome to my blog page!  I am passionate about portrait, events, nature, and abstract photography. My long term goal for my art as a photographer is to capture priceless moments within the lives of others as well as creating abstract art as a form of decor for residential and commercial purposes. I strive to challenge the eye and not just settle for the average (Hence, the name Defy the Eye).  🙂


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