Hello & Goodbye


This upcoming week is a pivotal one in my life… I am graduating photography school and it has been a VERY memorable past two years.  I recollect on the first week of class throughout each semester during the 1st year and how nervous I was being introduced to completely new areas of photography.  The comical afternoons of cutting matte board for the first time, being introduced to the dark room, and all of the moments of realizing I truly knew nothing about digital photography before beginning the program frequently dance around my mind. I embraced correction, objective criticism, and my own failures because I always knew it would make me a stronger woman and photographer!  I truly believe these past 2 years have been the best of my life because I have been dragged out of my comfort zone and forced to grow in ways I never knew that I could.  Not only have I grown in an educational sense, but also emotionally and spiritually.  God gave me the patience and endurance to never give up and finish the race. I owe so much gratitude to the excellent instructors I have had the pleasuring of being taught by:  Erin, Kevin, Jay, Chuck, and Adam. I also cannot leave out one of the best colleagues that has always pushed me and encouraged me to never give up, Sarah Mitchell! She has been a God-send throughout the past two years.  I also owe the deepest of gratitude to my husband, mother, brother, sister in law, and some of my best friends Gigi, Mandi, Matt, Mohamad, Christine, and Brittany for either assisting me with countless projects and/or always cheering me on and supporting my work!  You all are BEAUTIFUL! I chose the image above for my last assigned blog post for school because it is simultaneously saying hello and goodbye.  I took this image while on vacation in Florida approximately 5.5 years ago right before a lot of wonderful changes in my life began… with quite a journey still ahead of me (God-willing) and some of it well behind me, I say hello and goodbye this upcoming week.


5 thoughts on “Hello & Goodbye

    1. How in the world am I just now seeing this comment Javas? lol Thank you so much! That is so sweeeeet! I have definitely come a long way from where I was lol.. may God continue to bless you in your art as well! 🙂


    1. I don’t know why I am just now seeing this lol wow… I never got any notifications. Thanks friend! You have been a blessing to me! I am so glad we are friends and I can’t wait to see what God does (and is already DOING) in your future as well! 🙂


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